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Brighter Light Brigade's 2022 Crowdfunding Campaign

Hello!  We are Brighter Light Brigade (Amyliza de Jesus, Marla Vannucci, & Dean Jones), and we are SO excited to share our debut songs / EPs with the world later this summer! We'd be really honored if you can support us on this journey.

Some of you may remember the single we released in late 2020: "Kindness Is King."  We had so much fun creating this anthem, and we knew we had more songs in us that would explore similar topics like: emotions, self-awareness, connection, and community care.  So we got to writing, and last July, spent time at No Parking Studio in beautiful Hudson Valley, NY to record with Dean.  It was an incredibly fun, inspirational, and joyful time, and we're really proud of the music we created together during that magical week.  All in all, we recorded 13 songs that will be released later this summer as 2 EPs.  (Take a look at our parody infomercial video above to hear clips of the tunes! [We love and miss those commercials from the '80s and '90s.]  And if you'd like to "place an order," scroll down below to find a reward tier that speaks to you!)

First and foremost, we are parents, and our songs come from a place of wanting to support our children as they navigate life and this world.  And, because of our shared expertise as mental health professionals (Amyliza is a board-certified music therapist and licensed clinical social worker, and Marla is a licensed clinical psychologist), socio-emotional health is a common theme that's woven throughout all of our songs.  We think of this collection of songs as community care, with a little bit of professional expertise sprinkled in :)

THE PLAN: to raise money during June 5th - July 4th to cover the expenses associated with recording and promoting these EPs.


  • Studio time, session players, engineering: $7800
  • Album artwork and music videos: $6200
  • PR (stretch goal, but an important one to promote the album and reach a wider audience): $4000


We all can attest to the power of music in our lives, and we hope that these songs will help families move through life in a supportive and loving way.

Thank you for your consideration, and we hope you'll join Team Brighter Light Brigade by investing in the future of this project today!

P.S. If you're not able to monetarily support the project at this time, we'd so appreciate it if you could share this campaign on social media... or, the good ol' fashioned way: by word of mouth...!

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