Another New Series: Meet Team BLB! (Ep 1: Dean Jones / Producer)

We've got another new series for ya - Meet Team BLB! - where we'll introduce you to all the different folks who help us create the sound recordings you hear, the album artwork and music videos you see, and the publicists who help spread the word about the music, so that our music finds its way to the most listening ears possible. 

In this week's edition, meet our producer extraordinaire, Dean Jones!

He's a musical wizard who plays just about everything (from the usual stuff to the obscure) and knows just how / where it should go in the song.  He's also one of the warmest people you'll meet, such a cheerleader, and he made our week at No Parking Studio feel like summer camp!  In this video, Dean shares a little about that week - the beginnings of our EPs "Feel It All" and "Traveling Together."

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