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Crowdfunding Update Week 4 

Y'all - Team BLB is 54 backers strong and has raised $5160!  Thank you so much for the continued support!

Since we're at 37% of our intended goal, we've decided to extend the campaign through this Friday, July 8th, to coincide with the release of our first EP, "Feel It All."  So if you've 1) been thinking about making a pledge, or 2) been meaning to share the campaign with family or a friend, you have a few days left to do so!

In keeping with campaign tradition, here's a lil' ditty to recap Week 4 :)

Crowdfunding Update Week 3 

Week 3 is in the books, and we are 23% of the way to our goal!  Here's Amy(liza) with a lil' rap to tell ya all about it :)

There are 8 days left to join Team BLB - if you'd like to make a pledge to our campaign, check out our CROWDFUNDING page via the green navigation bar above.  Thank you so much!



The Story Behind the Song Ep. 3: Pancakes on Sunday Morning 

In this episode, Marla talks about “Pancakes on Sunday Morning,” her original song that invokes images of special moments that happen in the family kitchen and around the table. In our families, grandparents and other elders teach recipes to the younger generations - sometimes with secret ingredients - that are passed down time and again. These shared moments are love. Preparing these meals and enjoying them together create timeless traditions that make us feel cared for and like a part of a whole.

Another New Series: Meet Team BLB! (Ep 1: Dean Jones / Producer) 

We've got another new series for ya - Meet Team BLB! - where we'll introduce you to all the different folks who help us create the sound recordings you hear, the album artwork and music videos you see, and the publicists who help spread the word about the music, so that our music finds its way to the most listening ears possible. 

In this week's edition, meet our producer extraordinaire, Dean Jones!

He's a musical wizard who plays just about everything (from the usual stuff to the obscure) and knows just how / where it should go in the song.  He's also one of the warmest people you'll meet, such a cheerleader, and he made our week at No Parking Studio feel like summer camp!  In this video, Dean shares a little about that week - the beginnings of our EPs "Feel It All" and "Traveling Together."

Our New Series: The Story Behind the Song! 

We're starting a new series where we pull the curtain back a bit and talk about the journey of the songs on "Feel It All" and "Traveling Together."  This week's episode features Amyliza and Mista Cookie Jar talking about our summer single, "See You in the Summertime."

Enjoy, and Happy Summer Solstice!



Crowdfunding Update Week 2 

We just wrapped up week 2, and are 16% of the way to our goal. Here's a little song from Marla with more details :)

There's still time to join Team BLB - check out how you can support us on our CROWDFUNDING page.  Thanks so much, y'all!



The Journey of a Song 

There are many steps along a song’s journey to the listener’s ears, and these are just a few of the main highlights. 

When you support our crowdfunding campaign, you’re helping Brighter Light Brigade’s mission and songs move from our pens, paper, and instruments to speakers, headphones, and earbuds all around the world! 

If you’d like to help spread the light (because music IS a movement), click on the crowdfunding link above (at the very right side of the green navigation bar). We appreciate you and are so grateful for your support!

Crowdfunding Update - Week 1 

Week One is in the books, and we'd like to thank our 8 initial backers who've collectively contributed almost $1100 -- which means we are at about 8% of our crowdfunding goal!  (Thanks so much, y'all!)

There's still time to join Team Brighter Light Brigade...!  Every little bit helps, even simply sharing the campaign with ONE person who you feel like would appreciate its mission.  Just head over to the CROWDFUNDING page (link is above on the green navigation bar) to find out more about the different ways you can support our project today!



Our Crowdfunding Campaign is LIVE! 

Hello!  Today is the first day of our crowdfunding campaign (which runs through July 4th), and we'd be so appreciative if you'd check out our crowdfunding page for more details on how to support us!  (Just click on the CROWDFUNDING link on the green navigation bar above.)  Thanks so much!